About Us

Stainless Steel Equipment ManufacturerIf you have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman stainless steel equipment:

  • fluids and blankets maintained in a temperature-controlled Blickman warming cabinet,
  • critical supplies transported in a Blickman case cart,
  • operating instruments housed in a Blickman stainless steel cabinet or console,
  • intravenous bags hanging on a Blickman I.V. pole,
  • diagnostic devices supported by a Blickman back table,
  • surgical tools resting on a Blickman mayo stand,
  • used linens disposed in a Blickman hamper,

Blickman has been the number-one requested manufacturer of these and other stainless steel operating-room products for over three generations.