Can I download descriptions of Blickman products to my PC?
Yes. Please click on “Request Literature” to download product catalogs.

Can I request a hard-copy of the Blickman catalog to be mailed to me?
Yes. To request a hard copy of the Blickman catalog, please e-mail Blickman at info@blickman.com. You may also request a copy of the new Blickman Flash Drive.

Where can I view Blickman products?
You can view Blickman products online.

Does Blickman Handle Requirements for Custom Products?

Yes, Blickman excels at meeting market requirements for custom fabrication of stainless steel products. Please send your specifications for price quotes. Please call 800-247-5070 for design and engineering services.

What is the warranty for Blickman products?
Most Blickman products are guaranteed for the life of the product, subject to the terms set forth in its Lifetime Limited Warranty.

What is the return policy for Blickman products?
Most Blickman products may be returned, subject to the terms set forth in its Terms & Conditions.

What grade of stainless steel does Blickman use in its products?
Blickman uses grade “304” stainless steel―the standard throughout the healthcare industry. Grade “304” stainless steel is an alloy containing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. However, Blickman has also used a higher grade “316” stainless steel for custom fabrications requiring the greater corrosion-resistance this alloy affords. For more information on Blickman's manufacturing materials, please see “Understanding Blickman Stainless Steel.”

What is the difference between chrome and stainless steel products?
Chrome is plating or coating over the base metal, while stainless steel is the base metal itself. Accordingly, chrome can be subject over time and aggressive use to chipping or peeling, while stainless steel will never chip or peel. However, chrome products, when handled and treated properly, will provide years of productive use, and represent an outstanding value alternative to stainless steel products for those facilities with tighter budgets and / or less-aggressive requirements. Typically, chrome products are utilized throughout primary care facilities―physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers and nursing homes―while stainless-steel products are required within most hospital operating rooms.

How do I clean Blickman products?
All but the most soiled stainless steel and chrome can be cleaned by (a.) warm water with, or without, a non-abrasive soap or detergent, or (b.) glass cleaner or a mixture of vinegar in water. Whenever possible, please make sure to rinse and dry the cleaned surfaces afterward.

Stainless steel actually thrives with frequent cleaning, as an inherent surface film of chromium oxide is created whenever cleaned stainless steel surfaces are exposed to air. This surface film helps maintain the extraordinary corrosion resistance prized in stainless steel products.

However, cleaning products containing chlorinated solvents must be avoided! For more information on cleaning Blickman products, please click on “Care & Cleaning of Stainless Steel.”

Does Blickman offer MRI-Safe products for imaging centers and M.R.I. suites?
Yes, please click to view our MR Conditional Products, safe and suitable for M.R.I. suites.

Are all of Blickman's products non-magnetic?
No. Although standard grade “304” stainless steel is inherently non-magnetic, other parts used in many Blickman products, such as casters and fasteners, may contain magnetic materials. Therefore, to be assured of fully non-magnetic Blickman products safe and suitable for M.R.I. suites, please view our MR Conditional Products.

Blickman upholstered products:

a. Is there a color chart chart for Blickman upholstered products on the website?
Yes. To view a color chart for Blickman upholstered products, please download our Upholstery Catalog.

b. Does Blickman upholstery meet the “Boston fire code” on flammability?
Yes. Blickman upholstery meets flammability requirements contained in the following specifications:

  • Boston Fire Dept., 1X-1, 5903
  • California Technical Bulletin .0, Sec. E
  • NY/NJ Port Authority FTMX 191-5903
  • CIS A-A-2950-A (Federal Standard 191A test method 5903)
  • BIFMA (Screen Test, Sec.
  • Upholstery requirements of FAR 25.853
  • Automotive (MVS-302)
  • May comply with California 133 when tested with suitable components

Are Blickman products latex-free?
Yes. All Blickman products are latex-free.