New Patient Ambulation Website Provides Tools and Information for Healthcare Professionals

Blickman is inviting Clinicians, PT's and C-Suite to visit our new educational tool and website, The website was designed to gather clinical evidence and best practices to help refine a safe patient ambulation protocol. 

Clifton, NJ, March 13, 2016 -- In conjunction with National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 13 - 19, 2016, Blickman has announced the establishment of its sponsored website, The site, designed for healthcare providers, offers a wide variety of tools that explain, promote and guide hospitals and healthcare facilities in establishing a safe patient ambulation protocol.

Blickman, a well-known national leader in stainless steel hospital equipment, has quickly emerged as a strong advocate of Safe Patient Ambulation since its introduction of the Nezzie Patient Ambulation Device early last year.

“As we increased our commitment to the Patient Ambulation arena two things quickly became clear,” explains Blickman Executive Vice President Nick Marinis. “First, the benefits of safe, early and frequent patient ambulation are more than proven: they are dramatic. Second, despite these benefits, the obstacles healthcare facilities face in providing safe patient ambulation are significant.”

Obstacles Prevent Benefits

With regards to the benefits of such a protocol, Marinis explains that from immediately after surgery to the days that follow, getting out of bed is a significant challenge for postoperative patients. “The simplest movements can be difficult. Yet, the benefits of early and frequent ambulation may include reduced patient recovery time, shorter Length of Stays (LOS), less frequent complications of peripheral ailments and lower costs associated with those ailments,” he says.

Those peripheral ailments include Ventilator Associated Pneumonia; Urinary Tract Infections; Bowel Obstructions; Deep Vein Thrombosis; Pressure Ulcers and Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness. Immobility may also contribute to various levels of depression.

For most facilities the obstacles associated with providing these benefits include an absence of a clearly defined safe protocol, no protocol at all and a lack of staff resources needed to carry out such a program.

“The way patient ambulation is traditionally handled, three clinicians or more are required each time a patient is scheduled to ambulate,” says Marinis. “The clinicians assist the patient, handle equipment such as oxygen tanks, pumps and monitors, and manage attached lines and cables. Hospitals typically don’t have the numbers of staffers available for each patient’s prescribed ambulation.”

Guidance with

Through efforts including the establishment of, Blickman is working to provide healthcare professionals with information on best practices and evidence-based studies to assist in developing and refining their safe patient ambulation protocol so that both patients and facilities can benefit.

The site, which is free and requires no registration to use, features a downloadable Patient Ambulation Guide. The Guide contains links to more than fifty articles and studies covering: the complications of immobility; benefits and evidence with regard to safe, early patient mobility; potential cost savings for hospitals and how to implement a Patient Ambulation program.

The site also provides detailed information on Nezzie by Blickman which in addition to providing a safe, stable ambulation solution, directly allows for a more efficient patient ambulation workflow, optimizing staff resources. Developed by a thoracic surgeon and available exclusively through Blickman, Nezzie is a self-contained, stable and easy to use patient ambulation device. Designed to reside bedside, Nezzie continuously holds all devices, monitors, oxygen and IV poles, thereby eliminating the need for clinicians to transfer and carry each item during ambulation. Nezzie was named a winner in the all-important Safety category in the 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products (ESP) Awards sponsored by Surgical Products Magazine.

“The exciting thing about is that it will never be completed.” says Marinis. “We will continue to add articles, studies and post stories that will help patients, clinicians and facilities address the challenges and gain the benefits of safe, early and frequent patient ambulation.”

About Blickman

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