Company Overview

If you have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman products:

  • fluids and blankets maintained in a temperature-controlled Blickman warming cabinet,
  • critical supplies transported in a Blickman case cart,
  • operating instruments housed in a Blickman cabinet or console,
  • intravenous bags hanging on a Blickman I.V. pole,
  • diagnostic devices supported by a Blickman back table,
  • surgical tools resting on a Blickman mayo stand,
  • used linens disposed in a Blickman hamper,

Blickman has been the number-one requested manufacturer of these and other operating-room products for over three generations.

Blickman is also the only manufacturer in its class to offer its legion of loyal customers a Lifetime Limited Warranty! It is not unusual for this warranty to support the same Blickman product being passed down among surgeons, from father to son, to grandson or granddaughter, much like a professional family heirloom.

The key is found in Blickman's mastery of stainless steel, gained from its 100-plus years of manufacturing almost exclusively with this extraordinary metal alloy. Stainless steel is specified for the exacting environments of operating rooms, due to its natural strength, resistance to heat, corrosion and impact, and hygienic ease of cleaning. When engineered and constructed to Blickman's high standards, stainless-steel products are capable of lasting almost indefinitely.

Blickman stainless steel provides surgeons and hospital operating rooms with the optimum in performance, longevity and durability, while affording its many buyers the ultimate in peace-of-mind.

The same characteristics that make Blickman products prized in top operating rooms from coast-to-coast have also assured its successful presence throughout the hospital environment. Blickman maintains comprehensive product lines suitable for: endoscopy suites, post-anesthesia care units, labor and delivery rooms, nurseries (including an acclaimed line of bassinets), sterile-processing facilities, catheterization labs, G.I. labs, emergency rooms and storage areas. These product lines include an MR Conditional version proven resistant to today's more-powerful, 3-Tesla MRI scanners..

However, Blickman stands for more than just stainless steel. It also offers a full line of chrome products for those healthcare facilities possessing tighter budget restrictions or somewhat less-aggressive demands on their equipment. Chrome often is the dependable value-alternative for physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers and nursing homes.

Whether stainless-steel or chrome products, quite simply, when you buy “Blickman-Built,” you can rest assured, knowing you made the wisest possible choice.

Blickman has also developed capabilities, unrivalled in its field, to deliver custom fabrications for high-end installations. Its engineers utilize state-of-the-art modeling software--now shared electronically via “net meeting” technology--to collaboratively design and coordinate major projects among multiple vendors located anywhere across the country.

So whether your requirement is for:

500 customized case carts for a robotically-operated AGV system,, as Blickman supplied several of the Countries most prestigious hospital systems…

or –

Equipping a single O.R. suite from right out of our catalog…

Blickman is pleased to meet and exceed your needs, just as it has done consistently since 1898!