Company History

The Blickman story is one of all-American pluck, determination and dedication to doing things the right way!

The company originated in 1889, the year Sophia Blickman began manufacturing pots and pans in her garage, and selling to neighbors in her New York City metro-area community. The quality of her cookware made Sophia's business thrive. By 1923 the garage was no longer adequate as a production facility. So the S. Blickman Company, as it was then known, moved to a plant in Weehawken, New Jersey. It wasn't until years later--in the depths of the Great Depression--that an employee persuaded her that hospitals, as well as homemakers, needed durable pots and pans, too.

Eager to explore a new market, Sophia began marketing to hospitals. Thus was born an extraordinary legacy of service to the nation's healthcare industry. Sustained through lean economic times by its reputation for excellence, the company grew, slowly but steadily, and began to add other hospital equipment, fabricated of stainless steel, to its product line. Soon the S. Blickman Company name was familiar, not only in hospital kitchens, but throughout major health-care facilities as well.

Fred Heisman, Blickman's next President, joined the company as a purchasing executive in 1947, to be followed four years later by Ben Freedman, eventual Chairman of the Board, and an expert at estimating. By 1975, the two men acquired the company's medical-surgical division, renamed it Blickman Health Industries, Inc., and moved it to Fairlawn, New Jersey. Success compelled a recent move to larger quarters, its current 71,000-square-foot plant in Clifton, New Jersey.

In 1997, Blickman acquired J.B. Call, a Burlingame, California-based manufacturer of chrome healthcare equipment and seating products. The company's operations joined Blickman's and moved to New Jersey. J.B. Call products included intravenous stands, revolving stools, foot stools, mayo stands and patient-care equipment designed specifically for the primary-care market.

Ben Freedman's two sons, Rob and Paul, assumed ownership of Blickman in 2002. Rob, having grown up in the company, inherits the title of President, while Paul, a former systems analyst, becomes its Chief Financial Officer. The essential nature of Blickman as a family-owned-and-operated enterprise, stretching back over 100 years, is now assured for yet another generation.

Blickman has grown to become the largest manufacturer in its class. It maintains its sharp focus on manufacturing peerless stainless-steel and chrome products--highly unusual in this changeable business environment. Blickman retains the spirit of a family enterprise, and continues to stress quality and customer satisfaction as its guiding principles.